1. Happy Labor Day!

  5. You don’t know awesome until you’ve played this BSC computer game.

  6. Baby Sitters Club or Die
    At some point you just gotta smile, shake your head, and give in.

    A rather demented version of the BSC. Watch at your own risk!


  8. Check out this dibbly fresh makeup tutorial inspired by Claudia Kishi!

  9. mashable:

    The Baby-Sitters Club books would be very, very different if they were written in 2014. (Art by this week’s guest blogger, Kate Gavino).

    Poor Dawn. :(

  10. The official flag of Tumblr.

  11. sarita811:

    to say nothing of farmersonly.com

  13. August 20th marks the birthday of Kristy Thomas. Her big day even got celebrated in the 1995 Baby-sitters Club movie, remember?

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  14. mashable:

    Our guest blogger, Kate Gavino from Last Night’s Reading, knows the truth: If The Baby-sitters Club grew up to be millennials in 2014, this is the adventures they’d have.

    I’d read it.

  15. TV Kristy Thomas Appreciation Post

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