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    My personal favorite Mary Anne book covers.

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    TV BSC Mary Anne appreciation post.

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    A birthday greeting to Mary Anne from the official Baby-sitters Club Facebook page. (they are not affiliated with this page at all)

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    She’s too shy to say it so I will. Today is Mary Anne Spier’s 13th birthday!

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    Loved these almost as much as goosebumps.

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  15. "[The wrong idea] About women’s roles. And men’s. Really when you think about it, we shouldn’t refer to ‘women’s roles’ and ‘men’s roles’. Both women and men can and should do everything."

    Dawn, in Starring the Babysitter’s club, about how out of date and fucked up Peter Pan is as a play with Peter luring Wendy into coming to Neverland promising adventure, when he really just wants a mom to do his cooking and cleaning and sewing for him.

    I forgot there was legit feminist arguments in my pre-teen reading until just now.

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