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  4. 12. Baby Sitter’s Club: Claudia Kishi


    Claudia Kishiimage

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    The Babysitter’s Club via madameversailles

    This is a beautiful picture. I want to hang it on my wall as art.

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    The Baby-sitters Club would be totally different if the gang had to grapple with style bloggers from 2014. (Art by this week’s guest blogger, Kate Gavino.)

    The struggle is real, Claud.

  7. Stacey is such a charmer with the men.

  8. Happy Birthday, Ann M. Martin!

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  9. Wendy Darling: Boy, why are you crying?

    Peter Banning: I don’t know. A tear for every happy thought.

    Hook (1991)


  10. 15. Baby Sitter’s Club: Mallory Pike


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    Hey Baby-Sitter’s Club fans! Episode 2 of Oblivious Nerd Girl’s Great Idea is now up! Check it out at ObliviousNerdGirl.com


    I’m lovin’ the new image! (Also the content. Of course I love the content!)

  13. obliviousnerdgirl:

    Morning folks! Episode 2 of Oblivious Nerd Girl’s Great Idea went up last night and I was hoping I could get your help! I played the intro to the tv show and realized I’d love to have a cover of the song as an intro to the podcast. Seriously if anyone can do a cover of the first 52 seconds of this song I would be ever so grateful! You will get shout outs to the moon and back on the podcast!

    Message me or email me at obliviousnerdgirl@gmail.com

    I have zero musical abilities but if anyone else does, definitely get in touch with Lainey ASAP! :)

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  15. 90s Movie Memories: The Baby-Sitters Club



    Title: The Baby-Sitters Club
    Released: August 1995
    Starring: Schuyler Fisk, Bre Blair, Rachel Leigh Cook
    Synopsis: group of young girls run a babysitting service and have an all-around disastrous summer

    I was an avid reader of the Baby-Sitters Club series for most of my childhood, so this movie was a huge deal for me (and tweens everywhere) when it came out. This wasn’t next on my list to review, but I just watched it on a nostalgia-driven whim and I had to write about it immediately because it’s so bad.

    Read More

    I agree with pretty much everything. I think there was a behind-the-scenes video on the internet where Logan explained the terrible accent. He was embarrassed to do it which wasn’t helping his character any. Something along those lines??

    I’m still waiting for this to get a higher quality sequel. If Sharknado can get one, so can the Baby-sitters Club!