2. fuck-yeah-bsc:

    Fun in Stoneybrook


  3. 16. Baby Sitter’s Club: Stacey McGill

  5. bscmemes:

    She doesn’t even go here.

  6. Sure thing!

    The Baby-sitters Club Club Live Show is hosted by Anna & Maria via a Google+ Hangout page. They appear live in a video talking about the book (BSC #2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls) and everyone is free to watch them talk and communicate with them through the chatbox. 

    It’s just like a book club but on the internet!

  7. The BSC Club live show has been rescheduled for Thursday July 24 at 1PM CST. Let annareneeburton & andmarstan know you’ll be there by RSVPing using this link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/chq7cfi4kha943s33qs2flui5rk

    The book discussion will be all about BSC #2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. It should be a chilly time!


  8. 14. Baby Sitter’s Club: Jessi Ramsey


    Jessie Ramseyimage

  9. fuck-yeah-bsc:

    Romance in Stoneybrook.


  10. Which BSC members/characters would you like to see more of on this page?

    I feel like I’ve been way too Claudia centric and that’s not fair to everyone else. Who are your faves that you want to see more of?


  11. lizbethanne:

    I love The Billfold in general, but this is probably my favorite series they’ve done of all time.

  13. Whoops, this got deleted. Still relevant.

  14. Fabulous Claudia book covers.

    (Source: thebaby-sittersclub)

  15. Claudia saying what we’re all thinking.