1. microflogging:

    cassandra de alba, via Illuminati Girl Gang v.2

  2. The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)

    (Source: fashion-and-film)

  4. teeveedinner:

    i wish

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  7. thebaby-sittersclub:

    Fall is here at last!

  8. nethilia:

    We as a writing society need to bring back Girl Gangs Doing Shit Together in book series. The late 80s/early 90s was BOSS at that shit.

  9. vipernora:

    Alan Gray is sort of a weird mix of Alfalfa and Chuck Bass.

  10. thebaby-sittersclub:

    My personal favorite Mary Anne book covers.

  11. thebaby-sittersclub:

    TV BSC Mary Anne appreciation post.

  13. thebaby-sittersclub:

    A birthday greeting to Mary Anne from the official Baby-sitters Club Facebook page. (they are not affiliated with this page at all)

  14. thebaby-sittersclub:

    She’s too shy to say it so I will. Today is Mary Anne Spier’s 13th birthday!

  15. barely-illegal:

    Loved these almost as much as goosebumps.